Let’s make the world better through technology.

What I do.


I know the Android platform like the back of my hand. Whether you need something simple or complex, I can help. I love to experiment with cutting-edge Android technology as well.

Enterprise-level Reliability

I have a personal average crash-free rating of 100%.

Industry Savvy

Having worked in the industries of Retail, E-commerce, Social Networking, Search, Education, and Mobile Gaming, I have extensive and broad experience that you can leverage for your industry.


Web / SysAdmin / DB / Network Admin

I can help manage your business technology needs. (I do it for other businesses now.)

Whether software or hardware:

PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS 3.0, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, SDKs, Analytics, APIs, Google, Facebook, Twitter.

Custom-built PCs, servers, networks, media entertainment, and peripherals.

You name it, I can probably get it done.

Security & Privacy

I believe in security, encryption, and privacy very strongly and belong to a developer advocacy group called Slash Policy which is dedicated to helping shape public policy around those goals. Check out an article I wrote about this stuff on my blog.

Innovation & Creativity

I’m an idea man. I love coming up with and then pouring lots of time into ideas. As a consequence I’ve immersed myself into many projects and learned many aspects about Android development that I otherwise wouldn’t know. If you need an idea, I just might have one for you.

Development at its best.
What others think.

If there ever was an Android Fan Boy, Michael is the guy. I’ve never met someone with such passion for his work, both present, and future. He’s got an eye to see down the road and start to prepare for it now. Michael was able to bring our feature-lacking, semi-functional, crash-prone android app from the slumps to finding a seat as a pivotal element of our company. – Dillon

Android Fan Boy

To whom it may concern,

Michael is a leader who enhances his team’s skills. For example, he had a team meeting to implement personal training periods during work for each employee on his team. As a result, these employees obtained the skills to take on more demanding projects at a faster pace.

As the employees improved their performance, Micheal also boosted morale on the team by attributing success to each employee as they completed tasks that helped the company.

The employees Michael led continued to work hard because of the culture of self-improvement, success, and praise for one’s work.

Any company culture would benefit from Michael’s leadership. – Nick


Michael is proactive, result oriented, responsible and technically sound and he is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done. He has an exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skill in mobile technologies. Michael is probably one of the best developer I have ever met in my life and one of the smartest professionals I have ever worked with. – Virendra

Best Developer

I have worked with Michael on different projects. He can work under pressure and still stay focused. I have learnt many server things from him. With his help and guidance, I am able to make our project clean and easy to manage. I love his contagiously positive attitude, high quality work and great work ethic. – Manish

Great Work Ethic

Its great pleasure to work with Michael. Michael is Multi-talented and hardworking. I really enjoyed and learned many things by working with him. Michael has inbuilt talent of working in various platforms like Andriod, PHP, Java and Many more. If got chance then I really wish to work with him in Future. – Nilesh


Meet me.

Michael Garner

Let’s make the world better through technology

That’s the principle I live by.

As a web developer turned Android Developer, I have extensive experience with front end and mobile application development. I have worked on a variety of enterprise-level projects and websites. I view myself as a person with big ideas who loves to bring those ideas to life. My objectives include a burning desire to always learn more about software, web, and mobile application development and to work on projects that can further hone my skills and contribute to making the world better through technology.